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Ark posted Jun 21 '20 at 4:56 am

During the mage quest, the exorcism (sequel to "the orb of power"smile, tabetha is supposed to spawn a demon from the orb and we must kill it before the timer runs out. Theres no demon to be found, in her house nor in the surrounding area. The quest can not be completed as it is, blocking progression in the mage chain quest.

recent by Clone  ·  Jun 28 '20 at 5:14 am

Today i looted a scroll of protection IV while exploring the dead pass, and i noticed that it didnt go into my pack of endles pockets (32 slots inscription bag). I tried to manually place it, wondering if my bag was full, and got the message "that item does not go into that bag". Obviously i had plenty of spare space in it. The bag worked fine for every other scroll so far.

Ark posted Jun 20 '20 at 10:36 pm

When i lure mobs to my mage by using arcane missiles in quick sucession, i noticed that many mobs fail to reach me, standing like 5 whole feet away from me and unable to get into attack range.

recent by Ark  ·  Jun 22 '20 at 6:48 am
Ark posted Jun 20 '20 at 10:33 pm

The spawn point at the gate of stormwind is correctly placed, but lacks a spirit healer. Players who die inside stormwind (Questing, stockades, pvp etc) and who do not wish to corpse-run are forced to go down and look for the graveyard spirit healer at goldshire. A new player could be rendered unable to respawn if they dont know the location of the other spirit healers.

Ark posted Jun 20 '20 at 5:30 am

During the mage quest to investigate the blue recluse, upon usage of the incantation item, the 3 spawns are spawning on the upper floor rather than in the basement. Also, just in case this is not intended, they are aggroing me despite they displaying as neutral ( yellow). I am level 16 and they spawned at level 16 16 and 17, making quick work of my mage in like 2 or 3 swipes, in 3 failed attempts, before i decided to leave this quest for when i am higher level. I understand this is a high rate server and that i probably can overlevel those mobs in minutes, but the reward also only make any sense at level +-15, and as it is now, it is very hard to finish this quest at the proper level. I am sorry if its running as intended. EDIT: managed to beat this quest at level.... 31.

Ark posted Jun 20 '20 at 5:21 am

When i start a fight by using a hunter trap like immolation or explosive trap, neutral mobs will not react to it by registering it as an attack. rather, they will run away for one second and immediately end combat and regenerate to full in one second. That prevents hunters from starting a fight with a trap, limiting hunters to either laying traps and then shooting a bow, or else moving and using traps on the feet of mobs during combat

Clone posted Jun 6 '20 at 8:04 pm

I've noticed that sometimes, when I aggro random mobs I get stuck in combat, with the mob being stuck in evade.
It's really weird and happens rarely and randomly, but very annoying.
I've read on the that this issue was fixed back in 2014, however it still seems to be present.

Can you please have a look at the code?


recent by Tango  ·  Jun 7 '20 at 5:07 pm
Tango posted May 24 '20 at 5:29 pm

In case you forgot your account name and you need to your password, please follow these steps:

  • Access the Armory
  • Search for your character name (if you don't remember it, then search for the Guild name and look for your character there)

  • Once you've found the character, before it's name you'll notice the account name written in uppercase.

  • recover the password using the account name.
    A new password will be sent to the email associated to your account (check the Spam folder also).

If you forgot the account email, please create a support ticket with the name of the account and proof of ownership (screenshots etc.)

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