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So most small servers this one included struggle with faction balance, and considering there is little to no pvp on this server I am curious about a few things:

Some servers implement bonuses or perks of picking the least pop.ulated faction, this may vary from spell cost to rep gain even an increase in xp*.
Has this ever been discussed among the staff?

Also, while going through the shop I noticed that account features, such as race and faction change are donation points. While I agree that servers needs donations to run and function, I do feel it could benefit to put those prices alot lower and for VPs instead. Some of us will eventually start working up some VP's from simply being loyal to the server, I feel those people might like it and it COULD help counteract the faction imbalanced.

Would like to hear your thoughts about these issues & suggestions.

Erik / Iram

recent by Tango  ·  Aug 25 '20 at 4:54 pm
iramtempus posted Aug 7 '20 at 5:36 pm


When first joining the server I could not see any discord link or any way to really interact with people before actually hopping on.

It was only after I joined the server and actively looked for a guild, and then venturing in to the guild info I found an old discord link, which was expired. I strongly suggest making this a visible link on the website.

When it comes to professions I think you will find people that argue both for and against current or a new rate.
As of now I think the rate discourages people from doing it. At least considering that with all content released you can do very well without any professions at all..
An argument can be made that it will lead to no low level mats entering the AH, but as of now there is none there to start with, nor is there any high level. I think a poll or at least a discussion around this could be useful.
*Adding on a poll here to see if there is any response

Lastly, I think the devs and gms are doing a good job, keep up the good work lads.


recent by Tango  ·  Aug 18 '20 at 5:17 pm
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