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iramtempus posted Aug 12 '20 at 6:18 pm


When I joined the server I promted in regards to the discord, and I liked the way it was thrown into the website and it appears that the discord is getting more members by the day.

As a person who has been to many a "small" projects in the WOTLK scene, I just want to put out a small "Warning".

With the new technology of Discord, Farily new compared to the expansion, the server and staff has a greater platform to inform and poll for changes.
This is all great, but what I have noticed with alot of "failed" projects is that once to pop.ulation starts growing, bugs and issues gets reported at a larger rate.

It is when this starts to happen, and I suspect it will, that discord can become a double edged sword. If the staff starts to not respond to questions and prods from the community, people will start a downward spiral in the discord. To this day I have seen many a project go down in a hail of glory at this point, where players basicly riot and the server never recovers.

I sincerely hope this doesnt happen, and as far as I've seen from the staff thus far I doubt it will. Just keep in mind that discord is a must for new servers and that is where people will start to question and ask about stuff.

Thought I would just tell you my side of these things, as it may or may not help but atleast I have done what little I can and know.

Props to the staff so far, as I've found the experience really good.

Iram / Erik

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