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Known Issues

Post#1 » Sun Sep 03, 2017 10:35 pm

Known issues:

1. During The Light of Dawn quest (DK chain), you have to charge/fight along Highlord Darion Mograine and his forces. If you take the quest and immediately go by yourself to the Light's Hope Chapel, the event will get stuck and you'll have to wait for about 20 min for the entire area to reset.

2. During the Free Your Mind quest, you'll have to use the Sovereign Rod near the corpses of Vile, Lady Nightswood, and The Leaper, or it will not work.

3. During the It's All Fun and Games quest, you have to find the sweet spot where The Ocular will aggro you, so you can use the Eyesore Blaster on it.

4. The Deathbringer Saurfang doors sometimes get bugged when you kill him in a short time by dealing high amounts of damage (during Heroism/Bloodlust). In order to avoid this, you'll have to tone down your damage, especially if you have a high Gear Score value and also you should avoid using Heroism or Bloodlust.

5. At the Pyroguard Emberseer encounter (UBRS), you ALL have to enter the room at the same time, as you'll get aggroed by the adds at the moment you enter and the doors will close. Also, you'll have to click on the Blackrock Altar and channel the spell for a while before Emberseer regains his power and is ready to fight.

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