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Server Status & Info

Post#1 » Thu Aug 31, 2017 11:06 pm

Below you'll find a detailed list regarding Storm-WoW's available content, under development etc.

    ImageUtgarde Keep: Utgarde KeepImage (69-72)
    ImageThe Nexus: The NexusImage (71-73)
    ImageAzjol-Nerub: Azjol-NerubImage (72-74)
    ImageAzjol-Nerub: Ahn'kahet: The Old KingdomImage (73-75)
    ImageDrak'Tharon KeepImage (74-76)
    ImageThe Violet HoldImage (75-77)
    ImageGundrakImage (76-78)
    ImageUlduar: Halls of StoneImage (77-78)
    ImageCaverns of Time: The Culling of StratholmeImage (79)
    ImageCrusaders' Coliseum: Trial of the ChampionImage (78-80) - Under Development
    ImageUlduar: Halls of LightningImage (79-80)
    ImageThe Nexus: The OculusImage (79-80)
    ImageUtgarde Keep: Utgarde PinnacleImage (79-80)
    ImageIcecrown Citadel: The Forge of SoulsImage (80)
    ImageIcecrown Citadel: Pit of SaronImage (80)
    ImageIcecrown Citadel: Halls of ReflectionImage (80)

    Dungeon Finder - Available
    ImageNaxxramasImage (80+)
    ImageThe Nexus: The Eye of EternityImage (80+)
    ImageUlduarImage (80+)
    ImageVault of ArchavonImage (80+)
    ImageOnyxia's LairImage (80+)
    ImageWyrmrest Temple: The Obsidian SanctumImage (80+)
    ImageWyrmrest Temple: The Ruby SanctumImage (80+)Image
    ImageCrusaders' Coliseum: Trial of the CrusaderImage (80+)Image
    ImageIcecrown CitadelImage (80+)Image

    Warsong Gulch (10v10)
    Arathi Basin (15v15)
    Eye of the StormImage (15v15)
    Strand of the AncientsImage (15v15)
    Alterac Valley (40v40)
    Isle of ConquestImage (40v40)

    World PvP Zone:
    WintergraspImage - Under Development

    Nagrand Arena
    Blade's Edge Arena
    Ruins of Lordaeron
    Dalaran ArenaImage
    The Ring of ValorImage - Under Development

    Death Knight - 99% Working
    Druid - 99% Working
    Hunter - 98% Working
    Mage - 99% Working
    Paladin - 99% Working
    Priest - 99% Working
    Rogue - 98% Working
    Shaman - 99% Working
    Warlock - 98% Working
    Warrior - 99% Working

Misc Features:
    Transmogrifier - Available
    Warden Server Guard - Implemented
    Blizzlike Pathing - Implemented
    Blizzlike Line of Sight - Implemented
    Blizzlike Ore Spawns - Implemented
    Teleport Hub (Website) - Available
    Character Tools (Website) - Available
    Recruit a Friend System (Website) - Available
    Armory (Website) - Available
    Online Store (Website) - Available

Gameplay Improvements:
    1. Auction Houses in Dalaran.
    2. All Auction Houses are linked together.
    3. Lowered the ingame mail delivery time to 30 min.
    4. A forge near the anvil in Dalaran. (Happy Blacksmithing!)
    5. Permanent Darkmoon Faire NPC in Shattrath, so you can exchange decks whenever you want.
    6. Transmogrifier NPC in Gadgetzan and Shattrath.
    7. Removed the legendary item restriction from the Transmogrifier.
    8. All fly locations are discovered and accessible.
    9. Portals to Dalaran in every major city.
    10. Arena teams start with a rating of 1000.

    Kill rate: 20x
    Quest rate: 20x
    Money rate: 15x
    Honor rate: 2x
    Crafting rate: 2x
    Gathering rate: 2x
    Reputation rate: 20x

    Uncommon items: 10x
    Rare items: 50x

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